We were following an extra ordinary photography journey into the epic scenery of northern Norway in November 2020. A small Swedish team of four was heading out on the adventure to get close contact with killer whales. The ultimate dream was to freedive together with whales in their natural habitat and get it on camera. With the help of Jokasafe® gloves for Arctic conditions, the journey was success. One of the team member Linus Svensson wanted to share their user experience of Jokasafe® gloves during the amazing journey. He prefers to work with products he knows are good quality and keeps your hands dry and warm.

” The scenery was totally amazing. There were not much fishing boats at the beginning, so it was not crowded at all. It was more and less we and the ocean and some whales. We had time to enjoy the views before we started shooting. In harsh environment it´s very important to have good gloves, because the hands are the most vital parts being able to pull out the trigger when the action really happens.”

” We were flying quite a lot of drones. I was quite surprised with Jokasafe® gloves because we have been using these gloves quite a lot earlier. JokaTherm was super simple to remove if you needed to be more accurate and to get a grip on the drone. The gloves worked really well. Those were also a protective, because sometimes when you rise your finger too high, the gloves protect your fingers as well. We did not have any incidents with the fingers this year. It´s been a pleasure to use your gloves. ”