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Colour: black
Size: 9-10
Length: 25 cm

An extra warm and roomy mitten for cold conditions. The granulated surface of the glove provides an excellent grip in wet and cold conditions. An artificial fur lining can be attached.

Product Sheet: JokaTherm

JokaSafe standardit fi jokatherm

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JokaSafe Brochure (PDF)

Product Size Chart (English, PDF)

JokaSafe pictogram


Glove type: Mittens

Surface: TopGrip Granulated

Agriculture: Agricultural works, Agricultural maintenance

Fishing: Winter fishing, Net fishing, Fishing vessels, Sport fishing

Fish processing: Fish farming

Forestry: Loggering

Construction industry: Construction works, Concrete work

Mining industry: Mining industry, Drilling

Municipal services/Civil works: Garbage disposal, Waste handling/transport

Oil and gas industry: Oil transport truck, Handling of industrial oils, Oil depot works, Oil drilling, Gas drilling, Service station, Maintenance

Transportation and warehouse: Waste control/transport, Warehouse, Loading/Unloading, Freight traffic, Freight terminals, Ports

Sport and outdoor life: Snowscooter/Snowmobiling, Winter sport and activities

Cold and winter: Cold and winter, Snow making (Snowguns / Ski resorts)

Cleaning and washing: Window Cleaning, Car wash