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Brewery industry
Fish processing
Steel and metals
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Colour: Reddish brown
Size: 9-10
Length: 25 cm

JokaArctic is a flexible and durable mitten designed for work with oils and chemicals. JokaArctic comes with artificial fur lining. 

Product Sheet: JokaArctic

JokaSafe standardit fi sileat talvi

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JokaSafe Brochure (PDF)

Product Size Chart (English, PDF)

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Glove type: Mittens

Surface: TopGrip Smooth

Agriculture: Handling of pesticides, Handling of fertilizers, Agricultural maintenance, Outdoor works

Fish processing: Fish farming

Forestry: Loggering

Chemical industry: Production of titan dioxide, Production of chemicals, Handling of industrial chemicals

Construction industry: Construction works

Municipal services/Civil works: Sewage works, Water treatment plants, Garbage disposal, Water works, Sewarage systems, Waste handling/transport

Oil and gas industry: Oil transport truck, Handling of industrial oils, Oil depot works, Oil drilling, Gas drilling, Service station, Maintenance

Transportation and warehouse: Oil transport, Waste control/transport

Ski and sport resorts: Ski resort

Sport and outdoor life: Snowscooter/Snowmobiling, Winter sport and activities

Cold and winter: Cold and winter, Snow making (Snowguns / Ski resorts)

Cleaning and washing: Window Cleaning, Car wash