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Colour: black
Size: 7-12
Length: 25 cm

A flexible and light all-purpose glove that provides an excellent grip for high precision work. Designed for working with rough, sharp and abrasive objects.

Product Sheet: JokaHold

JokaSafe standardit fi rouhea

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JokaSafe Brochure (PDF)

Product Size Chart (English, PDF)

JokaSafe pictogram


Glove type: Glove

Surface: TopGrip Granulated

Agriculture: Handling of pesticides, Agricultural maintenance, Outdoor works

Forestry: Loggering

Steel and metals: Sorting

Construction industry: Construction works, Concrete work

Industrial maintenance: Industrial maintenance

Oil and gas industry: Maintenance

Sport and outdoor life: Diving

Cleaning and washing: Window Cleaning, Car wash

Sandblasting: Sandblasting